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Fostering Futures

The mission of Fostering Futures New York Chenango County (FFNYCC) is to support foster and kinship families in building better futures for children and youth.


“I wanted to become a part of the team as I see the need for supporting our foster families in school every day!  I’ve thought about being a foster parent in the past and this was the next best thing to that!  I also liked the premise that it’s a once a month commitment.  That is something we can do and by working with a team, have a greater impact than we can as individuals,” – Kisten, Team 1 Member
I wanted to help those brave foster parents who help children who’ve not had the care they deserved. Often they just need a break or someone to talk to and I’m happy to help,” – Joyce, Team 3 Member


Foster children have faced very difficult situations, often starting at a young age.  FFNYCC increases the opportunity to make positive connections with these children in order to encourage them in the midst of those difficulties,” Jen, Team 1 Member

Fostering Futures

How it works

 We recruit and train small teams of volunteers from the community that offer natural and practical support to foster families.  Serving as an “extended family” for foster parents and children, the teams provide stability, enriching experiences, and vital community connections.  Team members pitch in when foster parents ask for help, affirming the value of what foster parents do and encouraging them to keep on doing it. Even a minimum contact of once per month can make a huge difference in the lives of foster families.
This opportunity came to I.N.N. as a result of a connection with our local Department of Social Services and an existing branch of Fostering Futures NY located in the Capital Region, and we are hopeful to raise funding in order to continue this offering here in Chenango County.

Want to get involved?

As of November 2022, we have 10 teams of 4-6 volunteers actively supporting local foster and kinship families. Please, contact us to learn more about FFNYCC and upcoming training opportunities.